Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones has had the interest and desire to study art as long as she can remember.  This interest began to bud at age 14 when she won first place for a Red Cross Poster in Los Angeles City School contest.  She went on to study art in high school.  After raising her family she resumed her studies once more.

A native Californian, Ruth became a member of the Simi Valley Art Association while studying with Joyce Clark, Dorothy Meredith, Virginia Lynn, Walton Paul Titus, Leslie DeMille, Jack Hannah, and Mike Moulton.  Ruth conducted classes through local Women's Clubs and private instruction, thus passing on to others the many and varied skills and techniques acquired during her years of study. as well as her own natural abilities and perceptions.  She further stimulated interest in art by donating several of her paintings for worthy causes, such as scholarship funds.

Ruth is a very versatile painter in oils, and her subjects run the gamut from still lifes, landscapes, to portraits; the latter giving her the most challenge and pleasure.  She demonstrates a high degree of attainment in all subject matter.

She has given many one-woman shows throughout Southern California.  From time to time she enters her first juried show, she has walked away with numerous honors in every judged category. These include top honors for six years at Simi Valley Art Association Show and the Judges instituted a creative fine arts program for a primary school in Simi Valley, working with appoz=ximatley 200 children from kindergarten through kindergarten through third grade.

Ms. Jones presently lives in Briarcliff, Texas and is affiliated with the Highland Arts Guild.  The pastoral, rolling landscape of the Hill Country has been an inspiration and the beauty of the area has been reflected in her recent work.

Her paintings hang in art collections all over the United States.