Art has always been an integral part of Karen Johnson's life. She won her first art honor in a coloring contest in 5th grade. Mixing the greens to color broccoli showed perception beyond her years. In school, after required courses were selected, art was always chosen as an elective. Graduate school even allowed art history and oil painting.

She taught art to children, age kindergarten through 5th grade, for 27 years before retiring. Summers allowed plenty of time both to teach Art Enrichment to children who showed a genuine interest in art, and to attend graduate level watercolor classes in Junction, Texas as part of the Texas Tech art school there.  Karen says, "Texas Tech has a great program."  Every summer in Junction featured new techniques and skills, ending with a show for a grade.

Teacher in-services and conventions allowed her to further her skills and teach other teachers the hands-on method.

Karen retired last year and eventually moved to her lake house. One month after moving from Houston, she enrolled in watercolor lessons at the gallery. She has filled her home with her work and now she shares it with you.

Karen Johnson


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