Pamela Britton

Pamela's art journey began in high school when she took a 4 hour-a-day course in Commercial Art.  After graduation, however, she chose a career path in the business world thinking the pressure of a career in commercial art would be too great.  Then, while living in Austin, she and one of her friends began selling work at craft shows.  Pam painted muslin pillowcases and painted dishes, firing them in her own kiln.

In 2001 she moved to Maine and found a niche in folk art.   She began painting furniture and other items to sell in the many craft venues there, and was honored to paint the sign for her town of Cutler, Maine which still stands today at the harbor.

It was when Pam moved back to Texas that she began fine art painting in earnest.  Being a part of the Highland Arts Gallery is a new venture for her, having been a "loner" for most of her art journey.  She says, "I am enjoying the camaraderie of other artists here, and I am pleased with the possibility of receiving valuable teaching available from this guild."  

Acrylic paint has been her chosen medium, but she looks forward to experimenting with other media.

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